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Wish Sold Another Bass
Steve Wishnevsky just sold another bass on the website that we built for him.

Having Persistent Data With Web Applications
This is a great video with Pete LePage on the YouTube Channel "Google Chrome Developers". He talks about the options available to the developer to have persistent data on the internet.

GG Teaching Studios Published Another Article
Our client is using our software! GG Teaching Studios told the world they were teaching in High Point.

What to Look for in Your Web Developer
It's a sea of web developers out there, and they all want you to pick them to build their website. Here are some tips for what to look for when you are choosing. We hope this helps!

An Interesting Lecture on Declarative Programming
I write code in several declarative programming languages. So this talk by Kevlin Henney was both helpful and interesting.

Wish Published Another Batch of Instruments
Steve Wishnevsky builds custom instruments. We made an application for him to sale his instruments. Each time he finishes a batch, he publishes them. Check it out!

Easy Margins with CSS
If you're beginning web development, getting the broad-stroke spacing of your articles can be tough. This article will help you through it.

Boiling Bass Guitar Strings
Lessons.GregGoad.net has published a new article. The article was about boiling your bass strings to bring the brightness back into their sound.

Our Client is Using the Software we Produced for Them
Greg Goad published a new article about how Covid affected his business into his blog on his lessons website. We produced the software that he used to do it.

For the Education
We published the website Lessons.GregGoad.net, so that Mr. Goad could both harvest leads for his teaching business, and have an outlet to the world for his teaching endeavors on the internet.

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