Important: This interface is for our existing customers to conveniently pay their bill. If you want to sign up for our services, you need to contact us first, and go through our on-boarding process.

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Privacy Policy

How we will use this Information

We will use this information to process your payment toward your account, and retain the record of you doing so. We do not store your credit card information on our server, but we will store your email and any name you provide (note: the name is optional), the website, and the amount payed. We keep the email so that we can have a means of contacting you if there is any problem with the payment.

Who may See your Information at our Organization

Our employees may see the information that we store. They may also see the method you used to pay, but will not see the specifics of your account details (ie: credit card numbers or account numbers)

Who we Share your Information With

We use a 3rd party payment processing service called Braintree: a service of PayPal. Your payment method information (all inputs inside and as a result of interacting with the "choose way to pay" section) will be sent through and shared with Braintree.

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