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Website Production

The sky is the limit - If you can imagine it, it can be made - A few years ago, the internet changed to allow things like animation and seamless transitions - Our custom-engineered platform was engineered specifically to take advantage of this new landscape

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50% is due upfront to start development on your website

All prices listed here are general estimates. The production of web software is complicated and varies from job to job, depending on the needs of the client. After you pick a package, contact us. You will be given a free consultation with one of our professionals, to accertain your needs. You will receive a quote, which you will be locked into, for the production of your web application and an itinerary of what computer code will have to be produced to meet your needs.

Landing Page ~$200-$400

Let's face it: the public expects your business to have a website. The landing page package is a great entry level way for your satisfy this expectation.

Your landing page will still feature some search engine optimization, and eye catching animation where appropriate. It will be stable, creative, run smoothly, and come optimized across devices (mobile, tablet, and laptop).

Contact us today to get your free consultation with one of our experts, and get the ball rolling on your landing page.

Basic Website ~$500-$1000

This is a classic website option, but with more flare than basically anybody else can offer. It comes with sections like home and about and contact, but the transitions will be seamless, and the load time fast. We can harvest user information, and implement literally any other functionality you desire.

Search engine optimized urls are available, and mobile optimization comes standard. You will be the proud owner of a boutique, performant piece of proprietary software.

Contact us if you need feel like this option fits your needs, and our onboarding team will get set out to get this produced and running as soon as possible.

E-Commerce Website ~$1200-$2400

One of the best ways to use a website is to sell things on it. Whether you have a static product list with an inventory or a you want a dynamic gallery with an add to cart, or a custom pay amount interface for charging clients, we have the ability to blow your expectations out of the water.

The interface will be smooth and easy to use, leading to happy customers and full pockets.

Contact us if you need an e-commerce site, and our onboarding team will get the ball rolling on you e-commerce website.

User Login Site ~$1800-$3600

We can build user login! It is a lot of work, with a lot of time consuming security development, testing, and validation. This option is great for companies with a customer base that you want to be able to log in and manage their account or subscription that you provide.

Let us know if this is an option that you are interested in, and we can get the ball rolling on your login site.

Live Services ~$5000+

We can build web services, such as food delivery, or taxi hailing, or others. They consist of a lot of moving parts, which have to communicate to each other, so expect it to take months for your product to be delivered.

Let us know if this is an option that you are interested in, and we can get your web service up and running.

Sub-Contracting ~$130/Hour

Do you have a web company with the need for a sub contractor? We produce clean, easy to use plug ins and applications. Let us know what your needs are, and you will receive a quote, which you will be locked into.

What Makes us a Cut Above

To start with, there is flexibility. Our code is engineered, not copied and pasted; our web applications are bespoke for each individual client. We do not use 'themes' or 'templates' and just place a skin over them and then look at you and say, "Here ya go". Our web applications are truly custom, boutique pieces of proprietary software.

And speaking of proprietary software...

...YOU WILL OWN your website. That's right, we said it. You see, we can sell you your site because we own the code used to produce it. Our in-house application core is not built on 3rd party libraries or in 3rd party graphic web development programs, so we can distribute our software with no strings attached. At the end of development, after payment has been received, you will receive a copy of all of the files required to run your website.

High Performance

You will receive streamline, fast loading, performance tested web application. What does this mean? It means your website will be on the cutting edge of the internet. It means only one load time at the beginning, and then seamless transitions and animated pages. You can have background music, and when the page changes the music will continue because the whole site is already loaded.

Lastly, our work is warrantied...

...for a year after launch, so you can rest assured that your personal application will continue to function as you expect, and bugs will be addressed.

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Be on the cutting edge of the internet --- Actually own your website as proprietary software --- Don't be a digital number... work with skilled professionals who value your goals --- Be the proud owner of a high-performance, cutting edge piece of software --- Have a team of massively skilled professionals in your corner --- Software Warranty
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Web Apps Actualized is a Web Engineering and Design Company

Do you have an idea for a website or webservice? Contact us and tell us about it.

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Programs and Resources Used

WebDev Suite (in house) - Microsoft Paint - Microsoft Paint 3d - Apache Open Office Draw - Microsoft Windows - Guitar Pro 6 - Stack Overflow - W3Schools - - Web Browsers (Mostly Chrome) - Apache XAMPP - Git - Cmake - Brotli Compression - JShrink Minifier Combined with Rodrigo54 Minifier - cwebp

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